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Long-term solution needed for LDP jam

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Long-term solution needed for LDP jams

The Star Online 2008.06.20

SUDDENLY, there are many suggestions to solve the LDP jam. I use the LDP often, almost daily and start of as early as 7.30am to be in office by 9am.


However, I still cannot avoid the jam. The LDP is no longer only jammed during peak hours but is crowded all the time.


When they were building the LDP, Kelana Jaya residents had to go through a lot of difficulties for almost five years. In fact, SS7 in Kelana Jaya was completely cut off and we had to travel to make a U-turn before returning home.


We must thank our former MP who made an effort to get us an easier route to get to the other parts of Kelana Jaya.


But now, we dread using the LDP. It is jammed at all times. Things get worse when heavy lorries use the highway.


The Federal Highway is sometimes traffic free and many avoid the NKVE because of the high toll they have to pay without realising that they would use more petrol facing the jam.


Lower tolls during the off-peak hours will not help either because then even more people would use the LDP and create a jam.

Just be fair and build another road away from the LDP for highway users to use without toll. Many motorcylists use the LDP which does not have a motorcycle lane and get into serious accidents.


They also create accidents by weaving through heavy traffic. The bus service is also poor and the bus stops are at dark corners which are not safe for anyone.


The buses are often not on time but the LRT service is adequate except that there are not enough parking lots.


This is why many prefer to drive to work although they are single occupants in the car. Car-pooling may be suggested but not everyone stays in the same place or works in the same area.


We cannot go around picking up passengers and dropping them here and there before we go to work. This shows that the town and road planning did not take in to consideration future needs and development.


Now, people face the same or worse problems as before.


The authorities should study the problems, ask for suggestions and have a forum with the people before thinking of any solutions. 
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