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Near miss for deaf students

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Near miss for deaf students

The Star Online 2008.07.25 

IT would have been a disaster had the canteen ceiling at the School for the Deaf in SS5 Kelana Jaya fell three minutes earlier.


Fortunately, the children finished their meal at the canteen and returned to class three minutes earlier when the asbestos ceiling came crashing down.


The incident, on Thursday (July 17), was the second such incident in the school within two years.


According to headmistress Saadiah Ahmad, no one was hurt in the latest incident as the students had used another door to exit the canteen.


“We have about 30 students in this school and I'm worried for their safety,” Saadiah said when met at the school on Wednesday.


“The last such incident was in 2006 when the corridor ceiling on the upper floor crashed. Now it's the canteen. I've made my reports to numerous parties, including the Selangor mentri besar's office, but have not received any response so far,” she said.

Danger from above: Loh and Saadiah pointing to the canteen ceiling that came down.

“So not knowing who else we could go to, we had no choice but to again seek the assistance of former Kelana Jaya MP Loh Seng Kok, who is familiar with our predicament,” Saadiah said.


According to Loh, who met up with Saadiah, the school is a non-profit, private institution mainly for deaf students and is registered with the Education Ministry.


“This school has been operating since 1994. Previously, it was under the Selangor and Federal Territories Association for the Deaf, but it is now under the Malaysian Federation for the Deaf,” he said.


Loh said he would get the Education Ministry to send officers to see the plummeted ceiling and hopefully, they could do something about it.


“The issues licences for schools to operate and the safety and security of students are among the requirements before a school is given permit,” he said.


Loh said that as the deaf school was sharing the building with the Sekolah Sri Nobel, he expected the building management to repair the ceiling.


The management is said to have carried out repairs when the corridor ceiling fell the last time.


“This incident happened last Thursday, a week ago, but no action has been taken so far. I just hope that maintenance by the building management will be regularly carried out,” Loh said.


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