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(2004 - Feb 2008)

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Vox Populi: Loh Seng Kok vs Umno Youth

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From Malaysiakini:

Vox Populi: Loh Seng Kok vs Umno Youth

The following are some of the comments from readers on the ‘ultimatum’ which was issued by Umno Youth against MP Loh Seng Kok (MCA- Kelana Jaya) for his speech in Parliament on religion and politics. 

SoundMan: The actions of the Umno Youth Kelana Jaya division to take umbrage on democratic free speech in this fair land of Malaysia is most troubling. Issues brought up by MP Loh Seng Kok were words of our concern and spoken in the august house of Parliament no less.

I certainly hope that the issues brought up by MP Loh would reach beyond the angry Umno Youth and get to ears at cabinet level. We of the non-Muslim faith in this multi-racial, multi-ethnic nation need the protection enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Final comments from readers on the ‘ultimatum’ which was issued by Umno Youth against MP Loh Seng Kok (MCA-Kelana Jaya) for his speech in Parliament on religion and politics.

Idris Karulzaman: This incident has shown to be a very sad state Malaysia is in. The actions of Umno Youth has proven that the democratic freedom of our country can't be guaranteed even by the Parliament. Malaysia is a multiracial and multicultural country, even the smallest minority's rights must be respected and their voice be heard.

I don't think Umno Youth's reasoning that the Malays have the biggest vote therefore they have a free hand in doing things holds water. What makes you so sure that Malays are angered? What make you think your actions are doing good for the Malays or Muslim? I for one think that your actions are disgraceful, short-sighted, narrow-minded and destroying the very unique culture we have inherited. I can't explained how many times I felt ashamed when questioned by my foreign friends about our "bumiputera" policy and the way we do things.

Disgusted Malaysian: Once again the arrogance of Umno Youth and others in the privileged political sphere have unmasked themselves for the 'bullying cowards' that they are. They are not having it their way altogether I am sure, these days and such tactics will not deter the free expression of people 'hurt' by the marginalising laws passed by the lop-sided parliamentary democracy practised in the country! Non-Muslims have the right and will stand up for the rights of all Malaysians, in any issue considered unfair, demeaning or intentionally wanton of human rights. The pawns in Umno should look around the world before they venture out to do the 'dirty work' of their masters!

Jack Said:

Anak muda jangan mudah lupa
Sejarah jua Saksi kita
Negara ini bukan Melayu, bukan Cina, bukan India
Negara ini semua yang punya

Chin Peng? Jangan fitnah semua Cina,
Ingat Tun Razak jabat dengan Komunis besar
Tapi kalau nak ungkitkan kisah lama
Siapa penceroboh, siapa pembina bangsa?

Sosial kontrak imaginasi saudara
Takan nak kekal selamanya?
Perlembagaan pun boleh dia orang ubah
Masakan kontrak tak boleh dikaji semula?

Perkauman? Yang "racist" tu, siapa?
Cina, India bukan lagi tumpang semata
Cuba lihat tanah subur Malaysia
Ada Keringat Melayu, ada Peluh Cina, ada Darah India!

Ikan tuba tidak kedapatan
Tiba masa untuk menukar umpan
Jangan hanya ingat hutang orang
Jika sendiri juga banyak berhutang.

Tapemymouth: Umno Youth members and Hishammuddin Hussein (who is a lawyer by training) ought to know the 101 of constitutional practice and understanding.

It is a parliamentary convention that no subject is sacrosanct in the chambers where the people's hopes and fears are given expression. It is the petri-dish where cross-fertilisation of ideas allow for the germination of policies germane to the development of a strong, harmonious and stable society. For that reason Parliament is supreme so that its course of proceedings is unimpeded by threats from any quarter. If we boast so often that ours is a free society, why is our august chambers such a poor reflection of this pillar of freedom? Freedom of expression is the paradigm of a free society.

Anyone with some understanding and training in the constitutional practices of common law countries based on the Westminster model like ours ought to understand that Loh Seng Kok's reasoned presentation is a rather fair, unbiased and bona fide reflection of real segments of his voter base. He wasn't even saying anything seditious or criticising Malay rights or Islam which is indisputably known as the official religion in the country. He was merely saying what some segments of his constituents wanted him to say and would defend him for saying it. Surely he must be allowed to say his piece. Equally, Loh would stand up to voice support or critique of policies detrimental to bumiputeras, if bumiputeras in his constituency or elsewhere were aggrieved by government policies or practices that do not conduce towards building a congenial multiracial community.

I am shocked that time and again our politicians and our MPs have more fire in their heads than right thinking. I almost want to give up meaningful discourse because if politicians and MPs don't engage in social discourse, and if Parliament disallows such intercourse, how else do politicians learn and how can they be the people's voice and act as the mouthpiece for the people's aspirations? In sober moments, one need only to recall that the government's constituency is the whole body of citizens, all Malaysians - Malays, Ibans, Kadazans, Chinese, Indians and many, many other communities. A democratic government represents their interests, all of them and not just some of them. Or, truthfully, is it any different here?

Allow me to quote the words of The Hon Sir John Laws in his lecture on 'Law and Democracy":

"...no impediment may be placed on parliamentary processes, such as, for instance, by a claim against an MP for defamation; it is no more nor less than a rule of absolute legal privilege... Its effect is that no constraint of any kind is to be imposed on the freedom of Parliament to debate whatever it likes. That of course is a vital principle."

We haven't even begin talking about freedom of expression in the context of human rights. And this is Parliament where Loh is accosted for his remarks! I could go on and on. But sometimes I ask myself: "What's the point?" This is 101!

Anak Melaka: No point to keep on talking. Make your vote heard the next round of elections. Don't vote MCA, don't vote MIC, don't even vote Umno.

Make full use of your ability to speak and speak without fear or favour. Not all Malays are Umno people and not all Umno people represent the Mat Public - Malays interest. Most of my Malays friends are moderates. We don't need to tolerate each other because we just take each other as we are, another human, warts and all. No race in our relationship, just people.

WTS: Umno Youth represents the Malaysian racist political primitivism at its worst. Its Jurassic tribalism appeals to the most base idiocy for mores without any regards to universally understood human ethics which evolved with civilization. It represents both outrageous selfishness and insolent denial of reality of the Neolithic stage - permanently.

How long will it remain to insult the intelligence of all and sundry thinkers (not just the intelligentsia) with its unhinged demands and unrelenting hubris?

A Malaysian: The honourable MP should make a police report against Umno Youth Kelana Jaya. I see the action of Umno Youth Kelana Jaya against the honourable MP as a threat and intimidation. There is no dignity in responding to the 'ultimatum' letter.

Pro Bono Publico: My only fear is the kind of "political culture" within Umno Youth in Kelana Jaya that has bred such arrogance, such shamelessness, and such bullying tactics. It does exist, does it not?

My only hope is that it is confined to Umno Youth in Kelana Jaya. If this is operative all over the country, then like Jose Rizal, I must cry for my country and ask of my country, "Cry, my beloved country."

My only prayer is that we as a country can get back on track as soon as possible since we have lost our way a long time ago. Can we do that with the minimal of fuss and in the soonest of time?

Let us pray for our beloved country.

Let us pray that those in power will be endowed with the kind of wisdom that seems so lacking in Kelana Jaya Umno Youth, especially the 50 people who bared their teeth. Woe betide us if this has spread further.

Let us pray that those in power will be emboldened with the kind of courage to do what is right. And the right is might ... and never the other way around. Woe betide us if Malaysians believe that might is right. Then, we stand cursed by the ghosts of May 13. Then we stand haunted by the evil of May 13.

Let us pray that wisdom and courage visit our leaders.

Let us pray that peace reigns forever in our tanah pusaka, our motherland




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