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A book to inspire the sick

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A book to inspire the sick

STAR Tuesday May 15, 2007

SUBANG Jaya resident Yvonne Foong was only 16 when she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibro-matosis Type 2. 

The constant need to undergo surgeries forced her to abandon her passions and mature beyond her years.  

Hoping to inspire others who are battling with illness, Foong has written a book entitled I’m not sick, just a bit unwell’. 

The book was launched by Kelana Jaya MP Loh Seng Kok at the Popular Bookstore in Ikano Power Centre recently.  

Foong, now 20, says the book is an honest account of her life battling with a rare, incurable genetic disorder, that causes tumours to grow in the brain, spine, and along peripheral nerves.  

Good job: Foong shaking hands with Loh at the launching ceremony.

“By writing this book, I hope to raise awareness for Neurofibro-matosis, and to provide inspiration for others struggling in life,” she said. 

Loh said Foong’s effort demonstrated her extraordinary determination and her positive approach in facing illness. 

“Very often, we hear of people who choose to run away from hardships, sufferings or struggles in life. Yvonne has shown the world the right approach in conquering life’s difficulties, especially while being a patient,” he said. 

“It is also my hope that this book will create a greater awareness of Neurofibromatosis among the Malaysian public. Sometimes the sheer courage of human beings is more important than all the most sophisticated treatment that a doctor can offer,” Loh added. 

Foong won the 2005 Dream Malaysia awards, as The Most Outstanding Youth Of The Year.  

Loh also urged the public and the government to work hand in hand to set up more health organisations and organise health-related programmes that would serve as support groups for patients.
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